Live Shipping Movement Information

We are pleased to announce that "Live" shipping movements for all of our Short Sea Ports is now available from this section of our web site.

The data displayed is updated every hour, day and night.

Please use the two menu items on the left to display the information:

Ships Alongside shows all those vessels currently berthed in our ports

Planned Shipping Movements shows all those vessels expected to arrive, depart or move berths within the next few days.

The information for all of our smaller ports is shown on single pages, arranged by region, and then alphabetically within the region:

  • East Anglia
  • South West
  • North West
  • Scotland

Comprehensive shipping data for our larger ports (Southampton, Humber and South Wales) is shown on their own dedicated websites which can be accessed from the "Marine" top menu item above.

If you have any comments, or would like to see more / less data displayed for each vessel, please email us with your suggestions.