Liquid bulks 

ABP ports handled 24 million tonnes of liquid bulks in 2014

Barrow - Barry - Cardiff - Goole - Hull - Immingham - Ipswich - King's Lynn - Lowestoft - Silloth - Southampton

Together with our customers, ABP handles around 24 million tonnes of liquid bulks each year, the vast majority in the form of petroleum.

Across our business we have liquid bulk storage installations at 11 ports, all provided and operated by specialist liquid storage operators. More than 85% of our liquid bulk imports and exports are handled at our Humber ports, where the petrochemical industry has a significant presence, with two oil refineries and BP’s Saltend Chemical Park.

With such a geographically diverse range of ports, ABP is able to offer logistics and storage solutions throughout the country.  Many of our ports offer rail links connecting liquid storage facilities to the UK network and regional markets.

Our substantial range of tank storage provision throughout the ports offers storage facilities for petroleum products, petrochemicals, food-grade products and other vegetable and edible oils, including molasses, chemicals, natural gas, and alcohol.

Our commercial team would be pleased to put together a package of port facilities tailored for your business in our unique network of 21 ports.

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